Individual assessment and therapy for children.



Gladstone Speech Pathology services are provided by Debbie Williams, a highly experienced Speech Pathologist following a long career in both the public and private settings. She is committed to the provision of high quality service for all of her clients and is equally enthusiastic about her work in early intervention and with adults.   At Gladstone Speech Pathology Debbie provides individual asessement and therapy for children who may be experiencing difficulties in the following key areas:











 Feeding difficulties including:


Newborns with attachment difficulties;


Commencement of solids;


Transition of smooth solids to lumpy solids;


Toddlers who are fussy or resistant feeders.

Language difficuties including:


Poor play or socialisation skills;

Difficulty in understanding what is being said to him/her;  

Difficutly in producing phrases or sentences;

Limited vocabulary;

Difficulty with early literacy skills.

Speech difficulties including:


Difficulty in producing speech sounds;


Errors patterns noted with particular sounds;


Difficulty in being understood.

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