Swallowing problems may be as a result of a stroke , progressive neuological disease (eg Parkinson's disease), head and neck surgery and other medical conditions. Individuals may experience difficulty in chewing and swallowing food and/or fluids due to muscle weakness or



Speech Pathologists are trained to assess and manage swallowing disorders. Diet and/or fluid modification may be recommended and particular strategies may be demonstrated which will ensure individual's are able  to eat and drink comfortably and safely.

Oncology treatment may result in:


  • Difficulty in swallowing food or liquids

  • Soreness of mouth and throat

  • Dry mouth or thick saliva

  • Reduced Jaw opening

  • Loss of taste

  • Voice changes

Communication disorders may occur as a result of a stroke , head injury, neurosurgery, progressive neurological disease  (eg Parkinson's disease). This may cause difficulties such as slurred speech or planning problems which result in the production of incorrect sounds.


Individuals with language difficulties  may experience problems in understanding what others are saying to them or they may have difficulty in formulating sentences or thinking of the correct word.

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Gladstone Speech Pathology provides assessment and therapy for adults who may be experiencing difficulties in the following areas: